How to Stage Your Home During the Winter Months

Let’s talk about what you need to do as a homeowner to get your home ready to sell during the winter months, versus the spring and summer and warmer months.

Yes, it can be very different.

The outsides and insides of our house can look very different during these months. So, let’s look at what little tips and tricks you need to follow to make sure that your home shows its best during this time of the year.

Tip #1: Curb Appeal

Starting with the outside looking in, most of the concerns of homeowners during this time of the year is, “Well my yard doesn’t look quite as pretty as it would if we were selling during warmer months.”

Let me reassure you, nobody’s yard looks quite as good during the winter months as it does in the warmer months. So the key is just keeping it clean and simple.

Give your grass a good final mowing and edging so it looks clean and simple. Same thing in the flowerbeds – fresh mulch, pull out any of those dead flowers and plants, and shape up the bushes. just make it look very cared for.

Tip #2: Keep It Safe

When it comes to winter weather, just keep the outside of your property where buyers can still easily and safely access it. Whether that’s shoveling off the driveway or sidewalk or putting down some salt, just keep it where people can safe for showings.

Tip #3: Light It Up

Also, keep your exterior lights ON this time of the year, it makes a big difference. It’s getting darker a lot earlier this time of year, so having the exterior lights on helps illuminate the exterior of the home. It also helps buyers get in and out of the property safely and easily.

While we’re on the topic of leaving on the lights, leave on the interior lights as well to make the property more welcoming when somebody comes in, especially if it’s dark outside. Basically, leave on as many outside and inside lights to make potential buyers feel the warm and fuzzies when they see your house.

Tip #4: Warm It Up

Since it’s cold outside, keep your home warm enough where people can come inside and warm up from being out in the cold. Leaving the fireplace on is always a great little trick if you’re looking for something extra to make the home really cozy and welcoming for clients.

It’s all about first impression! So, do everything you can to give them the best first impression possible.

For Those Not Living At Home…

Now, for those of you who are not living in your home, some of these things may be a little bit harder to do. But don’t worry about it, we’ve got you covered!

I would just highly suggest that you leave on a few of the exterior lights, especially the porch light and that can just stay on all the time, if necessary. Also, if you can, leave on a lamp or some sort of light inside, that’s always a great touch.

The home does not need to be quite as warm. Just keep it warm enough where someone can come in and not be freezing. It’s also a really great way to protect your pipes if you’re not living in the property. Keep the heat on just enough to keep those pipes from freezing up on those really cold days or nights.

Also, consider leaving a faucet slightly dripping or leave the cabinets under the sinks open as well. Now, leaving the cabinets open doesn’t make for the best showing, but it’s better to have it not show great than have your pipes be frozen.

If You Need Help, Let Us Know

I hope these are a few great tips for you on getting your home ready to show during these winter and holiday months. Please call me with any questions. We would love to guide you through your questions and help you get your home ready to sell during these winter months.

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