When is the best time to buy or sell your home in OKC?

As real estate professionals, one of the top questions I receive on almost a daily basis is:

When is the best time to buy a home or sell a home?

Thankfully, we live in Oklahoma, and here in Oklahoma City, we see a 12-month market. So ultimately what that means to you is if you look at the statistics throughout the course of the year, every month we usually see around the same number of listings coming on the market, and the same number of properties selling each month.

So ultimately, the right time to buy a home or sell a home comes down to your personal wants and needs. You need to figure out what timing and situations are really best for you personally. You might take into consideration your work schedule, the kids school and activities, any recent or upcoming large purchases, and more.

Since the OKC market is stable throughout the year, we don’t see seasons dramatically affect real estate – this means it’s completely up to you!

Call me today. I would love to walk you through the different pros and cons to selling at different times of the year so you can make an educated and informed decision on when’s the right time to buy or sell a home.

You can reach me at 405-406-2402. I look forward to speaking with you!